You must be of legal age to purchase and redeem lottery tickets.

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Gogowinners is a multinational lottery purchasing service platform operated independently by Republic of Seychelles Miracle Holding Group Limited. The service URL is "", please confirm that your URL is correct before betting, in order to avoid malicious fraud by interested persons to set up the same page site. 
This platform allows you not to be limited by time and place, anytime, anywhere through the computer and mobile device to achieve the dream of the ticket, no time- difference in the official lottery betting. The results of all lottery draws and pot bonuses are synchronized with the official lottery agency, and the renewal and winning taxes on lottery information are also carried out in contrast to the norms of official lottery countries.

(1) Free membership (2) Stored value in the mall, purchase GOGO POINTS (3) bet ( which can be used to bet on the official lottery. Winner POINTS (4) WINNER POINTS available in the platform Deducted when purchasing selected items, or deducted at the time of betting
 (5) Enquiry: bet status and winning notice, betting lottery scan file (printable transfer), GOGO POINTS, WINNER POINTS, membership level and Welfare...etc. Personal Information (6) Winning: After deducting the local tax amount of the winning prize, the winnings will be transferred to your member account GOGO POINTS after receiving the bonus from the official lottery operator. You can choose to continue betting, or withdraw to your personal bank account. 
 (7) Withdraw GOGO POINTS ( Wire transfer to your personal bank account No matter where you are in the world, you can identify what kind of bet you want to bet on the platform, identify what number to bet, and a series of tools and options for you to use. 
After the bet is successful, we obtain your consent and purchase the official lottery ticket on your behalf. The information is sent to the local staff of our direct sales office, and to the official entity betting store or official website to place bets and print out the official lottery certificate. The ownership of this official lottery voucher belongs to you, we just help you preserve it safely before the draw. 
the draw, and you will receive an email and SMS newsletter notification automatically sent to you by the platform system. If you win, we will not charge any winning commission! The winnings you have won can be debited to your bank account by the platform account GOGO POINTS after deducting the relevant taxes from the official lottery announcement.

GOGOWINNERS All pages of the website are encrypted by GeoTrust's 128-bit SSL security system and use HTTPS。Therefore, all communication between your web browser and our website is absolutely secure.
You can see the "secure communication end layer" lock symbol in the address bar at the top of the browser page.

 GOGOWINNERSIs a lottery purchasing service website platform
。You authorize us to buy the official lottery tickets on behalf of you.
,Our handling fee is already included in the GOGO POINTS deducted from the purchase of the lottery.
,You can see it before you confirm your bet.
。Once you have purchased the lottery, you do not have to bear any further costs or expenses.
。When you win a lottery ticket, you never to be worried 
,You will receive the full amount of the winnings after deducting the country's tax, no obligation to pay any commission to us.

■Buy various global official lottery tickets anytime, anywhere, without the need to go abroad or queue up.
■Automatic scanning before the draw and third-party secure storage mechanisms ensure that the lottery tickets you authorize to purchase will not be lost.
■Purchase lottery tickets safely on the internet from your personal computer and mobile devices.
■Get generous bonus points feedback when purchasing lottery tickets, which can be used to buy and exchange for exquisite items on
■Fast and effective notification of winning and withdrawal transfer services.
■7X24X365 live customer service team is available to help you solve any problems encountered.

You can become a member complimentary, but you must be aged 18 years old above.

Gogowinners welcomes the members from all over the world. We are an official lottery service platform, you can authorize our local branches and office staff to purchase of official National Lottery tickets  on your behalf, no matter where you are or encountered any problems and difficulties on our website, please do not hesitate to contact our online customer service immediately.






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You need to log in to the member at, select the “Restored Value” option in the “Online ATM” in the main function column, and the web page will jump to the GOGO POINTS purchase area.

The stored value of 1 dollars can get 1 points gogo POINTS equivalent ※ The way to obtain/increase Gogo points: (1) Amount of stored value (2) Winning amount (3) Campaign commission for agents or distributors ※ The way to decrease-gogo/reduce the points: (1) Lottery betting (2) Withdraw Note: The amount of storage value obtained by Gogo POINTS, the proportion of ≧10% required for lottery betting in order to withdraw. For example, if you value USD 1,000 to get 1,000 G-spot, you need to bet at least 100 g points equivalent to USD 100, before you can withdraw the remaining Gogo points to your personal bank account.

GOGOWINNERS members can purchase the GOGO POINTS and boutique shopping use the store's stored value. We use the gold flow service of the internationally renowned third-party partner payment platform to store the value. You can enjoy the fast, safe and convenient interface for stored value and shopping, and cooperate with the manufacturer to pay. The platform will charge a certain amount of gold flow collection fee. When selecting a specific plan for the member's stored value, we will absorb the relevant gold flow collection fee, so that every penny of your stored value is used for betting and shopping. 

Gogowinners is very pleased be able to provide you with services. However, if for some reason cause you are not fully satisfied with our services, we will refund you the full balance of the first stored value and the outstanding un-bet balance.

You only need to choose Gogowinners Home "Play college", you can become a lottery expert! All the lottery rules are specified in detail there.

(1) "Computer selection number" (2) "Self-selected number" (3) "Default Lucky number selection number" Please note: After you confirm your bet, you will not be able to cancel, so be sure to check the number you want to bet on before confirming your bet.

After betting, the following status is displayed, as described below: (1) Waiting to receive (2) transmission complete (3) Waiting for processing (4) betting completion (or failure) The system shows that "bet complete" means that your order has completed the lottery betting and printed the official lottery voucher, the ownership of this official lottery voucher belongs to you, we are only to help you safely save it before the draw. The system displays "betting failed" and the system will automatically return the Gogo POINTS deducted from your bet. The system shows that "waiting for acceptance", "Transmission complete" and "Waiting for processing" are all outstanding betting status, because the online betting service steps need to be carried out by the betting station personnel, there may be a few chances that the overtime processing can not be "betting completed" However, you may not ask the company or the betting store for any missed current bets may win any requirements and compensation, in order to reduce the impact factors, we recommend that you bet early before the draw, so as not to cause you trouble!

The countdown time of each color of this website is in accordance with the local lottery time in the country of the color, for the Lotto lottery, the system will stop selling the lottery ticket 3 hours before the local lottery draw, for the Keno Fast Open lottery, the system will stop selling the lottery ticket about 40 seconds before the local lottery draw, So that our local office has enough time to execute the completed order in a timely manner. We reserve the right to determine the length of the deadline in accordance with our judgment, and you can continue to bet after the deadline, but the selected number of bets will be automatically deferred to the next issue.

When you bet at the same time, the platform system will immediately give you a deduction of Gogo points 3% equivalent of winner POINTS to you, we reserve the right to increase or decrease the feedback%. Special attention needs to be paid to the points that winner points give back to the platform, and in order to increase liquidity and scarcity, you can make a discount in accordance with the provisions of the platform by December 31 each year, but winner points will be zeroed at 24:00 (according to Hong Kong time) every year on December 31. ※ the way to obtain/increase winner points: (1) Betting feedback (2) Gifts for marketing activities ※ the way to de-gogo/reduce the points: (1) Bet deduction (2) Deduction of shopping access

(1) When the service carries out "routine" or "temporary" maintenance, this site will be announced on the website or other Inform the member in an appropriate manner. (2) The site will suspend or discontinue all or part of the service in the following circumstances, and anyDirect or indirect damage is not liable: (2-1) The user has any violation of government decrees or these Terms of use (2-2) The cessation or interruption of services caused by natural disasters or other force majeure; (2-3) Any service which is not attributable to the cause of this site is suspended or interrupted. (3) If the service is suspended due to the fact that it is attributable to the subject matter of this site, the site will announce the compensation measures according to the actual situation.

Hello, the current opening of the bingo lottery is charged 50% of the handling fee, and the rest of the color is charged 100%.

  The gogowinners system automatically confirms that you won or not, and sends an email message to notify you. We will also update your betting history in Gogowinners.
  Some lottery awards and non-first-class lottery awards may be subject to local taxes before you can transfer money.   If you have won a lottery award or a regional tax bonus, our customer service staff will contact you and the company may ask you to come in person to collect the bonus. For more information on lottery tax requirements on the website, visit play Academy.
  The winner of the jackpot may need to cash the winnings in person from the official lottery operator, in which case Gogowinners will assist in arranging for the winner to fly to the receiving site. Our local staff will hand you the lottery ticket and provide you with information about how to cash the winnings.
  We will comply with the legal norms for the protection of personal data, and information about your personal identifier (name, first letter of your last name and country of residence) will be automatically posted on our winners list and displayed on the home page of the website. If you would like to cancel this display, please contact customer service. In the case of the jackpot, it needs to be carried out in accordance with the requirements of the official lottery agency.
  The system will automatically in the current period after the draw within a few minutes, the bonus in accordance with the provisions of the issuing authority after deducting the relevant tax transfer into your member account Gogo points, some lottery tickets have different redemption procedures, in which case the customer service staff will guide you to complete the redemption process until you receive the winnings. You can use the winnings you have won to continue to use Gogo points bets, or to withdraw all or part of the Gogo points into your personal bank account, the transfer of the maximum amount of money per day, please follow the platform regulations can be done.
  The bonus you earn, regardless of the size of the bonus amount, does not require any handling fee to us. If you choose to receive your bonus by bank transfer, the bank will charge the relevant cross-border transfer fee and exchange rate conversion fee.